Details of Medicinal Plants



Panax ginseng C.A.Mey. Araliaceae

This perennial is found on the Korean Peninsula and in NE China. Its plant height is 50 to 60 cm and its flowering and fruiting period in Japan is April and July to August, respectively. It is prized for its power to extend life. Cultivation of ginseng was recommended in the early 1700s (the Edo period) and some farmers succeeded in growing Panax ginseng in the Nagano and Shimane Prefectures.

Part used: root
Medicinal use: cardiotonic
Main component: ginsenoside

In Japan, ginseng plants are cultivated under a roof to avoid direct sunshine, rain, and strong wind.

Roots grown for 5 to 6 years are dug and harvested.

Ginseng that has been quickly passed through hot water (left) and Red Ginseng after being steamed (right).