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History and Features


29 March 1933
Kyoto Takeda Herbal Garden was established and basic research is begun.

Development of new medicines from natural products and new hybrids of medicinal plants is begun after World War II.

Due to the separation and relocation of the research division, reorganized as an institute designated for the functions of collecting, preserving, and cultivating herbal plants.

October 2010
Completed new structures for office work, study and training, and restarted its program of medicinal plant conservation and educational support as a Takeda Garden for Medicinal Plant Conservation, Kyoto.


  • More than 3,000 species including medicinal ones are under cultivation.
  • Original plant sources of herbal medicine described in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia are cultured and garden areas serve.
  • Kampo Gardens grow various herbs typically used in Kampo medicines and bring you something of the feeling of Kampo traditions.
  • More than 500 hybrids included older hybrids from every corner of Japan are cultivated in the Camellia Garden.