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Every Field

Central Garden

Cultivates and exhibits valuable original plants used in Japanese/Chinese medicines listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, such as Chinese Peony, Chinese Licorice and Ephedra Herb. The Garden also collects aquatic plants, including Sacred Lotus and Japanese Cow Lily.

Kampo Garden

Each crude drug is grown and displayed using living medicinal plants, such as Kakkonto, Tokishakuyakusan and Hachimijiogan.


About 600 species of medicinal plants from the tropics and subtropics are cultivated and exhibited in this conservatory, including Cacao, Vanilla and Pepper.


The mountainous area in the south of the Garden was made into an arboretum, where some 500 medicinal and other useful trees are cultivated and exhibited, such as Japanese Umbrella Tree, Chinese Quince, Japanese Cornel and Common jujuba.

Exhibition Hall

This Exhibition Hall was built upon the design of Mr. Magoichi Noguchi at Kobe city in 1908, and removed and reconstructed in our garden after Hanshin-Awaji earthquake disaster in 1995. Herbal medicine specimens such as Bear Bile, Oriental Bezoar and Oyster Shell are displayed.

Camellia Garden

In this camellia garden, many species and over 500 cultivars of camellias collected since 1930's are cultivated and exhibited.

Spice Garden

Plants that are used for aroma therapy and cooking are grown and exhibited here under the several categories, such as Chives, Japanese Bunching onion, Sweet False Chamomile and Sweet Basil.

Folk Medicine Garden

A variety of medicinal herbs handed down by oral tradition in various parts of the world are grown and exhibited, including eastern purple coneflower and St. Johnfs Wort, Stevia and Cornflower from the West.