Details of Medicinal Plants

Satsuma Orange

Satsuma Orange

Citrus unshiu (Swingle) Marcow. Rutaceae

This species was derived from a native citrus ancestor 500 years ago. It was cultivated in warm areas of the Kanto area and parts west after the Meiji era. This is a native citrus plant in Japan and its prized fruit is exported abroad. It is propagated by grafting and has a trifoliate orange: Poncirus trifoliata (Linn.) Raf.

Part used: pericarp of the ripe fruit
Medicinal use: stomachic and antitussive
Main component: hesperidin (not less than 4.0%)

The blooms in May open into white and sweetly fragrant blooms.

The mandarin orange or tangerine; C. reticulata Blanco is an ingredient in China, and the Satsuma orange is an ingredient in Japan.

Prolonged drying of "Citrus Unshiu Peel" improves its quality. At least a year is requied.