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Glutinous Rehmannia

Glutinous Rehmannia

Rehmannia glutinosa (Gaertn.) Libosch. ex Fisch. et C.A.Mey. Rehmenniaceae

This perennial is cultivated in North China. Its plant height is 10 to 20 cm, and the flowering period in Japan is April to June. This species is susceptible to virus diseases, so virus-free stocks are propagated before being planted in the field.

Part used: root
Medicinal use: cardiotonic and antipyretic
Main component: catalpol

A virus-free clone is propagated in our garden. Subcultivation is needed at regular intervals.

"Rehmannia Root" is dried and either steamed or unsteamed.

R. japonica Makino is an endangered species in Japan and at the critically endangered (CR) level..