Details of Medicinal Plants



Zingiber officinale (Willd.)Roscoe Zingiberaceae

This perennial is distributed in tropical parts of Asia. Its plant height is 30 to 50 cm. Typically the plant is continuously exposed to crop hazards. Processed ginger boiled in hot water or steamed is called "Kankyo" and dried unprocessed Ginger is called "Shoukyo". Each of them are used for different Kampo formula purposes.

Part used: rhizome
Medicinal use: antipyretic (Processed Ginger) and stomachic (Ginger)
Main component: shogaol (Processed Ginger) and gingerol (Ginger)

In Kyoto, it only blooms under greenhouse conditions.

Edible ginger is variety (Z. officinale (Willd.)Roscoe var. macrorhizomum (Makino).

Processed Ginger warms the body more effectively than dried Ginger (left: processed, right: dried).