Details of Medicinal Plants

Hare's Ear

Hare's Ear

Bupleurum stenophyllum (Nakai) Kitag. Apiaceae

This perennial is distributed throughout central Honshu and points further west. Its plant height is 70 to 120 cm and flowering period is August to October. It has been declared an endangered species (level VU) by MOE of Japan. Some Kampo formulas are also used for treating tenderness in the breast to axilla area.

Part used: root
Medicinal use: anti-inflammatory and antipyretic
Main component: saikosaponin

The flowers of this species are arranged in umbels, an arrangement that is common in the parsley family.

Overwintered plantlets remain in the rosette state.

The name of the herbal medicine is "Bupleurum Root". It is dried after harvest being harvested in late Autumn.