Details of Medicinal Plants

Moutan Peony

Moutan Peony

Paeonia suffruticosa Andrews Paeoniaceae

This defoliate shrub is found in NW China. Its plant height is 50 to 100 cm. Cultivation for medicinal purposes was started in Japan because of importation from China. This herbal medicine is used to improve blood circulation in China and Japan. This species is popular as a garden plant because of its many-colored flowers.

Part used: root bark
Medicinal use: stimulant to improve sluggish blood circulation
Main component: paeonol

The flowering period is late April to early May. Each flower lasts less than 1 week.

Original roots become herbal medicine after grafting the plant onto the Chinese peony.

The name of herbal medicine is "Moutan Bark". The bark must contain more than 1.0% paeonol and have a hollow center.