Details of Medicinal Plants

Japanese Umbrella Tree

Japanese Umbrella Tree

M. obovata Thunb. Magnoliaceae

This species is a deciduous tree. The plant height is 20 meters. It is found in areas from Hokkaido to Kyusyu along stream beds. The flowering period in Japan is June and the bloom diameter is the largest in a Japanese wild tree. We use its large leaves for wrapping foods. Especially in the Hida Takayama area, it is known as "Hoba Miso" and used as dishes. And, the wood is used for the woodblock and scabbard of samurai swords.

Part used: bark
Medicinal use: analgesic and antispasmodic
Main component: magnolol

The white flower is large (about 20 cm) and exudes a pleasant fragrance.

The name of the herbal medicine is "Magnolia Bark" .