Details of Medicinal Plants



Aquilaria sinensis (Lour.) Spreng. Thymelaeaceae

This plant is an evergreen arbor, and grows wild in Taiwan. The plant height is 30 meters and the flower appears from May to June. The tree resin is called "Jinkou" which is used for fragrance. When the resin is heated above 150 degrees Celsius, the fragrance ingredient evaporates. In recent years, the supply of this resin has dwindled because it is difficult to gather.

Part used: resin
Medicinal use: analgesic, sedative, and incense
Main component: benzylacetone

Yellowish green bell-shaped flowers are produced at the leaf axil.

The capsule is obovate and 2.5 to 3.0 cm in length. The seeds hang down in strings.

The quality of aloes wood is graded on the basis of fragrance, weight, and blackness.