Details of Medicinal Plants

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

Lilium lancifolium Thunb. Liliaceae

This perennial is found in China, on the Korean peninsula, and in Japan. Its plant height is 100 to 200 cm and its flowering period in Japan is July to August. No seeds are gathered because of triploid sterility. Bulbs are eaten as a foodstuff called "Yurine".

Part used: scaly leaves
Medicinal use: sedative and nourishing tonic
Main component: starch

Aerial bulblets which form at the leaf axil are used for propagation.

"Lilium Bulb" is the dried scaly leaf removed from the bulb after steaming.

L. brownii N.E.Br. ex Miellez var. viridulum Baker is also the original plant source of the herbal medicine.