Details of Medicinal Plants

Sandal Wood

Sandal Wood

Santalum album L. Santalaceae

This plant is a small evergreen tree, and grows wild in the East Indies. The plant height is 3 to 10 meters and the flower appears opposite the leaf from May to July. After germination, this plant grows independently. But then, it becomes parasitic on the roots of other plants from which it draws water and nourishment. The trees are cultivated mostly in India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Part used: Essential oil (wood and root)
Medicinal use: aromatic and incense
Main component: santalol and santalene

This plant has conic flowers that form at branch points.

The fruit is spherical, has a diameter of 1 cm, and turns color from red into dark purple.

The trunk is 40 to 60 cm in diameter, and its heartwood is fragrant.