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Combined Spicebush

Combined Spicebush

Lindera strychnifolia (Siebold et Zucc. ex Blume) Fern.-Vill. Lauraceae

This species is an evergreen shrub. It was introduced from China in the 18th century and grows wild in parts of Japan. The flowering period in Japan is March to April. The flowers are dioecious, small, and light yellow. The name of the Japanese herbal medicine "uyaku" (= meaning crow medicine) refers to its source (black fruit, which is as black as a crow).

Part used: root
Medicinal use: intestinal regulating agent
Main component: borneol

The leaf is ellipsoid and trinerved. The top of the leaf is green, the underside is white.

The fruit is berrylike. The color turns from green to dark purple in autumn.

The name of the herbal medicine is "Lindera Root" .