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Japanese Bush Cherry

Japanese Bush Cherry

Cerasus jamasakura (Siebold ex Koidz.) H.Ohba Rosaceae

This deciduous tree is found in sub-Miyagi prefecture. The flowering period in Japan is early April. Its flower color is white to ruby depending on the tree. Leaves appear at the same time as flowers are produced. Their color is green to red-purple depending on the tree. Contrast between flowers and leaves are very beautiful so scenery with such trees has been loved for centuries. Mt. Yoshino, especially, is famous for its many thousands of trees of this species.

Part used: bark
Medicinal use: antitussive and expectorant
Main component: sakuranin

The name of the herbal medicine is "Cherry Bark".

The bark of C. verecunda H.Ohba is also used in herbal medicine. The flowering period is later and color of the leaf underside is bright green. These characteristics differ from those of the Japanese Bush Cherry (Cerasus jamasakura H.Ohba)