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Chinese Licorice

Chinese Licorice

Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. ex DC. Fabaceae

The range of this perennial extends from China to central Asia. The height is 50 to 100 cm and the flowering season is May to July in Japan. Glycyrrhiza or licorice root is one of the most important herbal medicines in Japan because it is present in more than 70% of Kampo formulas. Our company bred a new hybrid "Miyako 1 go", which contains a high percentage of glycyrrhizin.

Parts used: root and stolon
Medicinal use: expectorant and antitussive
Main component: glycyrrhizin

Papilionaceous corolla is a representative of Fabaceae, the pea family.

The root is cultured for three years.

All licorice roots are imported from foreign countries.