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Common Gardenia

Common Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides Ellis Rubiaceae

This evergreen shrub is found in the west part of Shizuoka prefecture. It is widely used in gardens. The flowering period in Japan is June to July. The fragrant white flowers are born. The pigment contained in the fruits has been used for dyeing cloth since the Nara period and, like saffron, for dyeing food. The Japanese name "Kuchinashi" (= meaning without mouth) refers to its fruit, which has no opening even when ripe.

Part used: fruit
Medicinal use: anti-inflammatory and hemostatic
Main component: geniposide

The scientific name jasminoides refers to the flower's jasmine like scent.

The name of the herbal medicine is "Gardenia Fruit" .
Although known as fruits, they are actually accessory fruits.