Details of Medicinal Plants



Matricaria chamomilla L. Asteraceae

The habitat of this annual plant ranges from Europe to west Asia, and it is called the German chamomile. The plant height in Japan is 30 to 80 cm and the flowering period is May to July. The diameter of the flower is approximately 2 cm, and it blooms at the apex of the stem. This species is not only used as an herb tea and aroma oil but also as bath powder because of its moisture retention effect.

Part used: capitulum
Medicinal use: diaphoretic, carminative and anti-inflammatory
Main component: chamazulene

The name of the herbal medicine is ''German Chamomile Flower''.

Anthemis nobilis Linn. is called Roman chamomile. Its receptacle (left: anthemis nobilis, right: chamomile) differs in the cross-section from that of chamomile.

The chamomile tea has a sweet apple like fragrance.