Details of Medicinal Plants



Armoracia rusticana P.Gaertn. B.Mey. et Scherb. Brassicaceae

This perennial plant grows all over the northern coast of the Caspian Sea. Its plant height in Japan is 50 to 100 cm, and its white blooms are abundant in April to May. The grated raw root has a sharp taste and flavor and is used as a condiment in meat dishes such as roast beef.

Part used: root
Medicinal use: digestive and diuretic
Main component: sinigrin

The root is a milky-white color and resembles the underground part of the Japanese radish.

Canned powdered wasabi and tubes of kneaded wasabi are produced by adding a green pigment to this root mainly.

The wasabi plant (Eutrema japonicum Koidz.) grows wild in Japan differs from this species.