Details of Medicinal Plants



Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat. Asteraceae

This perennial grows in China, Japan, and so on. Its plant height is over 50 to 140 cm and its flowering period in Japan is October to November. Wild forms are not known due to new methods of growing old cultivars. This species also appears on the crest of the Japanese Imperial Family and is Japan's national flower together with the cherry blossom.

Part used: capitulum
Medicinal use: antipyretic, analgesic, detoxicant and anti-inflammatory
Main component: luteolin

"Chrysanthemum Flower" is actually the flower head (capitulum) and freshness of the capitula is considered to be the indicator of good quality.

D. indicum Des Moulins is also the original plant source of this herbal medicine.

Edible hybrids with less bitter taste are cultivated in the Tohoku region.