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Shinsyu-Daio, the Medicinal Rhubarb

Shinsyu-Daio, the Medicinal Rhubarb

Rheum coreanum Nakai x R. palmatum L. Polygonaceae

The original hybrid of our company was obtained by crossing different rhubarbs in the wild. We registered our hybrid (the first medicinal plant hybrid) with the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and named it "Shinsyu-Daio'' in 1988. This perennial grows to 150 to 200 cm in height but only in a cool, high-altitude area.

Parts used: root and rhizome
Medicinal use: laxative
Main component: sennoside

This species can flower in Hokkaido or Nagano prefecture in June.

More than 5 kg of fresh rhizome and root can be harvested after 5 years of cultivation.

The unique pattern is observed in the rizome cross-section.