Details of Medicinal Plants

Red Pepper

Red Pepper

Capsicum annuum Linn. Solanaceae

This perennial plant is found in Central and South America. However, it is an annual plant in temperate zones such as Japan. The plant height in Japan is 40 to 60 cm and the flowering period is July to September. It is used in herbal medicine as a red pepper tincture, which often irritates skin. The capsaicin (the pungent component) is produced in the placenta of the fruit.

Part used: fruit
Medicinal use: skin irritation and pungent stomachic
Main component: capsaicin

Name of herbal medicine is ''Capsicum''.

This red pepper plant has star-shaped white blossoms.

"SHICHIMI" is Japan's national seasoning, and it is made by mixing sesame, Japanese pepper, and mandarin orange peel with red pepper.